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Standard Management Company
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Samuel K. Freshman has been practicing law since 1957 with emphasis on real estate matters. In his practice, he has served as counsel in the formation of over 100 real estate syndications. He is also the general partner in a large number of real estate syndicates controlling property with a total valuation in excess of $400,000,000. He has been a licensed real estate broker since 1957. He is presently serving as Chairman of the Board of Standard Management Company.


  1. Chairman of the Board and President of Standard Management Company, a Los Angeles - based real estate investment and management company that during its history, has operated 6,000 apartment units, a mobile home park, 2,500,000 sq. ft. gross rentable commercial space in 16 shopping centers, four office buildings, and 1,200,000 sq. ft. of industrial properties, totaling a half billion dollars of market value.

  2. Chairman of the Board, Water Techniques a California Corporation (Water Treatment)

  3. Arranged over five hundred million dollars of loans secured by real property as a loan broker and principal.

  4. As a developer, have dealt with Insurance companies, pension funds, banks and thrifts as a borrower and purchaser of distressed assets.

  5. Founder Freshman, Marantz, Orlanski, Cooper & Klein, law corporation based in Beverly Hills, California (now the Los Angeles office of K&L Gates

  6. Former Principal in a fast food chain, theater chain, and ATM network

  7. Former Secretary and Board Member of Marina Mercy Hospital, a 200 bed general hospital, Marina del Rey, Calif.

  8. Former Chairman of the Board, Trans State Title Company, Los Angeles, Calif.

  9. Former Chairman of the Board - Bank of Los Angeles (Main office - downtown Los Angeles with branches in Altadena and Highland Park), served as Chairman of the Loan Committee and Chairman of the Executive Committee.

  10. Former advisory Director - Imperial Bank of Los Angeles and Banco Ponce (Formerly Banco Popular de Puerto Rico).


Legal: Attorney at law admitted to the California State Bar, 1957; Founder of Freshman, Marantz, Orlanski, Cooper & Klein, an A V rated law firm, Beverly Hills; chairman Legal Committee of the California Real Estate Association, Syndication Division (1971 1972); member of the California Real Estate Commissioner's Advisory Committees, assisted in drafting State Syndication Regulations; member Board of Governors Beverly Hills Bar Association (1974); chairman Real Property Committee, Beverly Hills Bar Association (1971 1972); vice chairman American Bar Association Real Property Section Finance Committee in charge sub committee on Trade Associations and sub committee on Real Estate Investment Trusts (1976 1977); sub committee on Real Estate Options (1986 87); member of the Construction Industry Panel of the American Arbitration Association; member of The American Right of Way Association; qualified as an expert witness on real estate law and trade practices in a number of California Superior Court Cases; member of The International Council of Shopping Centers; member of The Pension Real Estate Association; and hold a life membership in The Nature Conservancy.

Real Estate: Licensed Real Estate Broker, State of California, 1958; member of Los Angeles Realty Board, and a founding member of the former Real Estate Syndicate Securities Institute of the National Association of Realtors (secretary, 1972).

Forensics: Member American College of Forensic Examiners, July 1994; qualified and served as an expert witness in federal and state courts on, legal and real estate malpractice, custom and practice fiduciary duties of attorneys and brokers, development, construction, banking, syndication and finance.



Stanford University B.A. (Pre Legal) 1954; Stanford Law School J.D. 1956; Law School Board of Visitors (1981 1983)

University of Detroit courses in Business Statistics and Industrial Management




Mr. Freshman has qualified with the Bankruptcy Court as special counsel as an expert on real estate securities matters in the case of American/West Recreation Corp., a California Corporation, Proceeding Under Chapter X, Case #74 1916 IH, attorney for Trustee, David Gould, telephone (310) 277-0077.

Mr. Freshman has served as an Expert Witness in over 60 cases. Please contact our office for a complete list of cases.


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